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I don’t reblog tattoos very often, but this is some real shit.

one of the sickest tattoos I have ever seen.


This is one of the most beautiful, well-portrayed, and original tattoos I have ever seen. I would LOVE to know the artist of this. These tattoos usually freak me out because I don’t like the way it looks like their skin is peeling but this is seriously beautiful.

This is why I love tattoos!

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A seagull lands on a sailor’s hat and takes a sip of his coffee. The sneaky bird perches on the head of Norwegian tour guide Ole Martin Dahle then dips its beak into his mug for a morning caffeine fix. The seagull was photographed by 55 year old professional photographer Andrew Astbury, whilst on a week-long trip in the county of Nord-Trondelag in Norway.

Picture: Andrew Astbury/HotSpot Media (via Pictures of the day: 27 August 2014 - Telegraph)

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my parents are not good for my health #ibelongtothebirds


Yinka Shonibare - MBE Revolution Kid, 2012 Mannequin, Dutch wax printed cotton, fibreglass, leather, taxidermy fox head, steel base plate, BlackBerry and 24 carat gold gilded gun

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